Chris Hemsworth spends Australia day shivering in a blizzard in NYC

January 27, 2016

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Australia Day 2016: Chris Hemsworth

Hollywood superstar, and all round Aussie hunk, Chris Hemsworth has just been named the new Global Ambassador for Tourism Australia.  

And TODAY can’t think of anyone more beautiful to show the world just how beautiful Australia can be.

Hemsworth spoke to TODAY live from New York City about how much he wished he was celebrating in Parramatta Park with Karl and Lisa.

“As soon as we’re done with the snow I’m coming straight to Parramatta,” Chris laughed, evidently envious of the tans and t-shirts of the TODAY team.

Hemsworth is a long way away from the sun and surf of Byron Bay, looking a bit chilly in NYC’s Bryant Park, which has been hit by a blizzard in recent days.

“I’m missing Australia more than ever at the moment,” Chris said looking a little pale from lack of Australian sun.

“From Byron Bay to here, I’d much rather be back home, the distance is killing me,” he admitted, looking a little downcast. 

Hemsworth is in New York for a Tourism Australia event. Despite the fancy event Chris told TODAY he wishes he was spending the day in front of a good old BBQ.

“Jump on the barbie just to experience Australia day properly.”

Hemsworth told TODAY it was a huge honour to be an ambassador for Tourism Australia. 

Lisa had one question on her mind though and it had nothing to with Australia Day. 

"Is it true there's a wedding there in the offing for Liam?" referring to the rumours that brother Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are engaged. 

Watch the video above to hear what Chris’response was. 

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