TODAY team re-enact iconic 'Friends' scene

October 5, 2015

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The all-new (but not really improved) ‘Friends’

What better way to start your Monday than with a shot-for-shot remake of the very first scene from 90s sitcom Friends with your favourite breakky show hosts?

Our friends at Stan have been kind enough to host every single season of the pop-culture hit for your video streaming pleasure.

The TODAY team were so excited that they decided to relive the show by recreating the scene that had the world hooked for 10 seasons.

From the moment Sylvia as Monica delivered the famous first line “Are you ok sweetie?” to Karl’s Ross, it was evident that they weren’t divvying from the script, or indeed the accents.

Each of the TODAY team’s impressions were Oscar quality (kind of), with a little bit of their own flair thrown in - shown by Karl in particular, who couldn’t help but incorporate David Schwimmer’s overacting into his role.

David Campbell proved he was a professional, revealing his acting chops with an infallible Chandler, his comedic timing on-point, complete with a New York twang.

Not everything ran as smoothly as was hoped, evident by the blooper reel, which featured the team breaking out into spontaneous laughter to prop fails, and generally being impossible to work with.

The Best American Accent Award went to female lead Lisa Wilkinson, who didn’t falter in her impression of Rachel as a flustered runaway bride.

Watch the whole palaver in its entirety, plus  bloopers, in the videos above.

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