'He's not allowed to work with Angelina'

July 6, 2015

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Australia’s golden couple

Hugh Jackman and  Deborra-Lee Furness are Australia's golden couple,  as well as huge advocates for adoption.

And TODAY host Lisa Wilkinson caught up with them in Melbourne for a fundraising event for Adopt Change.

The couple with one of the most enduring celebrity marriages met on set of the ABC drama Corelli, went on to marry and so the fairytale began.

It  hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however, when they had trouble conceiving a child naturally.

“A lot of people don’t know that we were always going to adopt. We were going to have one and adopt one,” she said.

Their trouble adopting spurred Furness to create Adopt Change, aiming to simplify adoption and cut the red tape.

“The numbers are significant, the amount of kids in the world that need a perfect, loving family,” she said.

Turning to conversation to their relationship, Lisa probed them on how they cope with having to see each other kiss other people as part of their job.

“I’ve told his agent he’s not allowed to work with Angelina, I’m sure she’s lovely,” Furness joked, before highlighting the work Jolie has done for adoption and world aid.

“That’s the deal with this business. If you get it right, if you pick the right partner, then, you traverse all those travails and challenges

Through her experience, Furness and Jackman agreed they could never be apart for more than two weeks, and believe it’s the secret to their long and happy marriage.

“We’ve managed to keep that,” Jackman said.

“And we don’t want to be. He tells really good jokes, I mean I miss him,”

For Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, career is important, but not as important as family and helping some of the world's poorest people.

Find out more information about Adopt Change at

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