Sherri Tenpenny tour in chaos

January 23, 2015

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Sherri Tenpenny tour in chaos

A speaking tour of Australia by a controversial anti-vaccination campaigner is in chaos, after every single venue refused to host her seminars.

Sherri Tenpenny is the campaigner at the center of the controversy, and she joined TODAY this morning from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.

Whether Ms. Tenpenny would still be coming to Australia still “remains to be seen” as she explained this morning.

“Many events have been cancelled, I know that we’re still trying to find locations but it’s become quite difficult with the extremists [in Australia] making it very challenging to be able to schedule another event.

“Of course I wasn’t the one that set these up, it been an organiser in Australia and I was coming as an invited guest to speak,” she said.

Organisers of events that Tenpenny would be appearing at have said your tour has been cancelled due to bullying amongst other things.

“It’s been rumoured that there have been bomb threats and death threats and that they have been told that they should not have anyone there that is speaking out against mainstream medical conventional area.

“I’m not really speaking against anything I’m just pro information and I think that people should be fully informed about the decision [to] vaccinate their children,” she said.

TODAY host Alecia asked that the events being cancelled could be a case of venues not wanting to associate themselves with your view which haven’t been backed by any science.

“I would beg to differ with you to say that they aren’t back by any science.

Wee have over 6,000 articles accumulated from conventional medical literature that shows there are problems with vaccines we know that the national vaccine injury compensation program here in the US have paid out ver 2.4 billion dollars in vaccine injuries, so to say that there’s nothing to back the science is inaccurate

Tenpenny’s book Saying No To Vaccines sums up her view.

The book highlights the need for the public to hear both sides of the argument in relation to vaccines.

A major study analysed 1.2 million children and found no link between vaccines and autism, but Tenpenny admits she had not read that article.

“I have included findings about the connection between vaccines and autism. Vaccines are known by the package inserts to cause encephalopathy, [disorder or disease of the brain,] they can cause brain injury and a very long list of neurological disorders, autism is only one of them,’

“I believe that there are a lot of other ways to stay healthy, and you ask any adult over the age of 50 and they had all of those illnesses when they were children and growing up and I think that we have magnified that these diseases are terrible and that they are absolutely deadly in order to terrorise parents into vaccinating,” she said

Ms Tennpenny believes ticketholders for here seminars that have been cancelled in Australia will be refunded, but shifts the blame to the Australian Organisers.

“That’s not in my hands I did not set up the fees I was not collecting any fees and that’s not was I was doing I coming as an invited guest to speak,” she said.

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