The sky's the limit

October 22, 2014

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Aussie women skydive into record books

Skydiving is hard enough, but imagine doing it with more than 100 other people while trying to break a world record.

Helen Mouney and Melissa Harvie were part of one such group who broke two world records in California on Monday.

They joined Sylvia Jeffreys this morning.

Psyched from their win, the ladies said timing was the most important thing.

“We’ve got a number of planes, we’re 117 skydivers. We all have to try and leave the planes together” Helen said.

Team captain Melissa Harvie says co-ordinating people form 24 countries was the greatest challenge.

“We came from 24 countries, a lot of [the organising] came down to translation and language and different cultural understanding of what needed to be done.

"Essentially, we have a process and methodology and my task was to help people perform their best in the process” Melissa said.

The current record for the largest sequential formation was 110, which Melissa’s team broke with 117.

“We actually broke it with 117 women which for the female community in skydiving is a fantastic achievement” said Melissa, meaning the ladies also broke the record for the largest female sequential formation too.

“We wish we could say we got it on our first go, but to get that level we started a smaller formation” Helen said.

“Then we started 30, 60 and then moved up to 117, I think it was about our fourth attempt.”

Definitely not a task for beginners, with Helena and Melissa skydiving for 32 and 15 years, respectively.

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