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  • War of words: ‘Go have another burger’

    EXCLUSIVE: Things got personal between Whitney and Suzi when the pair traded ferocious barbs in what could be the cattiest bust up we’ve seen on The Block.

  • In Pictures: The Block Shop best buys

    Get your hands on some Block style with these awesome finds from the couples' room reveals at The Block Shop.

  • Whitney: ‘Say g’day to my bidet’

    EXCLUSIVE: Whitney had the bold and brazen idea to include a bidet in her powder room for this week’s reveal. Has she got her cultures confused or will it prove to be a huge high-end pay off?

  • Drama-rama: Blockheads go at each other

    EXCLUSIVE: After four weeks of intense Block pressure, it all started to come unravelled when Keith shut down the site over safety and the Blockheads started slinging insults over who was working the hardest.