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  • In Pictures: Best auction faces

    The auction is a tense time for the Blockheads and the nervous faces they pull are pretty darn entertaining. See some the funniest auction faces in action.

  • 56 problems but a laundry chute ain’t one

    Despite Keith handing him a defect list a mile long, Tim thinks his priority should be installing a laundry chute.

  • Defect list enough to make Ana crack

    The Block hasn’t been the easiest ride for Anastasia and even though the end is in sight the mounting jobs that needed to be done to get there proved too much for her.

  • Best clashes with Keith

    He can be a Blockhead’s best friend or worst enemy, and with his new foreboy Dan in tow, feisty foreman Keith was involved in some seriously awkward battles with some of the contestants. Here’s some of the highlights.



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  • Fashion Week 2016

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