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  • Behind the Build: Living room battle begins

    The Blockheads hit the tools hard to get their living spaces ready after a shaky start to the week that set them all back.

  • Shock-a-block: Scotty shuts down the site

    The rumour mill was in overdrive when the couples realised The Block build had fallen way behind. But what would it mean for their apartments when Scotty pulled the plug on living room week?

  • Blockheads say yay or nay to the bidet?

    The judges flushed the idea of the bidet in the powder room. So what did the other Blockheads think of Whitney and Andy’s bathroom brain snap?

  • Block drama claims cool Caro

    It’s been a tension-fuelled week on The Block and even cool and collected Caro wasn’t immune, becoming a casualty of the site mayhem and mounting pressure to win.