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  • Tension still bubbling between Ana + Dea

    The pair butted heads again when Anastasia dared to joke about having exactly what Dea’s having when ordering fittings for their laundry and powder rooms.

  • Jury verdict: Daz + Dea

    The buyers advocates were speechless when they stepped into Daz and Dea’s guest bedroom and saw the statement bedhead that had the judges nearly come to blows.

  • Jury verdict: Ayden + Jess

    The buyers advocates applauded Jess and Ayden’s separate toilet with their main bathroom last week but they didn’t like the repercussions it had for their guest bedroom this week.

  • Jury verdict: Tim + Anastasia

    The buyers advocates all agreed that Tim and Anastasia’s guest bedroom felt like a boutique hotel and described it as “pure luxury”.



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