The Block Triple Threat

The Block Triple Threat
The Block Triple Threat

Starts Tuesday 7.30pm


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  • Newbies in toughest eliminations ever

    No one in their right mind would sign up for The Block thinking it was going to be easy, but these eager hopefuls could never have known how hard it was going to be just to get on the show.

  • Jess left stranded in mad rush at Mitre10

    The last thing Jess needed was to have her husband drive off into the sunset with a stranger, taking her car keys with him.

  • JJ goes MIA on first day

    Poor Mark was left without a phone, a partner and any supplies during his first day on The Block after his fiancé JJ went missing in action.

  • Newbies nervous wait to meet Scotty

    EXTENDED FOOTAGE: Imagine you’re standing in front of a door waiting to walk into Scotty’s HQ for the first time and meet the main man himself. How would you be feeling?