Matt and Kim Di Costa

Vibrant Perth couple Matt and Kim are quirky, fun-loving, and Australia fell in love with them when they took on The Block Sky High in 2013.

The pair were renowned for their risk taking, great humour and stand out room deliveries, week after week. The couple were hugely successful on auction night, selling their amazing new apartment, right in the heart of Melbourne for a premium price.

Matt studied fine art, photography and graphic design in school, then, to fund many trips around the world, became a solid plasterer for some 14 years. He has since moved into studying architecture, and interior designing and polished plastering on the side to make ends meet.

Kim, a lover of social work, teaches Year 1's at primary school, which she finds both challenging and rewarding. They have renovated and rebuilt one house together, learning their skills by doing a large portion of the work themselves.

Since finishing The Block Sky High, Matt & Kim :

- were married at Earls Ferry House
- were involved in delivering a heart-warming renovation to the Salvation Army’s Oasis House in Mirrabooka, which was featured in Channel Nine’s Christmas in WA special at the end of last year
- have designed and project managed several residential projects in Perth and Melbourne
- completed many residential redesign consults
- featured in television commercials with Home Base Expo, Psaros Homes, and Channel Nine’s Christmas in WA special 
- launched Australia wide polished plastering company 'Sky High Renders', featuring on every season of The Block since, and several design magazines
- begun voluntary work at the Perth Children's Hospital
- have lots of exciting creative projects coming in 2014 and 2015, including cafe design, street art projects, and voluntary work

Kim and Matt care about one thing, helping people. They plan to use their new found notoriety to help those in need, and create happy projects that might help their city and hopefully one day, your city too. We have enough celebrities, we don't have enough happy people.

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