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Adele: The Interview

November 22, 2015

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Adele: The Interview - Part 1

Adele is the most successful singer of our time, with an astonishing ten Grammys, four Brit Awards, an Oscar and a Golden Globe. It’s no surprise that this record-breaking British talent from modest beginnings in Tottenham is on track to becoming a billionaire by the age of thirty, but perhaps most amazing is that all the accolades, all the commercial success, have been squeezed into just two albums. Her third album – 25 – was released today, again putting Adele’s incredible voice centre stage, punching out soul-piercing songs with extraordinary power. There is much more to this awe-inspiring singer than the voice that has captivated the world. On 60 Minutes, Liz Hayes discovers a woman who despite having one of music’s biggest voices is refreshingly irreverent and very candid.

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers : Rebecca Le Tourneau, Steven Burling

Adele's new album, 25, is out now. To purchase a copy, visit her website.

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