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Great White Menace

February 15, 2015

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Great White Menace Part 1


Sean Pollard has a remarkable tale to tell. On October 2 last year he was attacked by a Great White Shark at a remote surfing spot near Esperance in Western Australia. The shark charged at Sean three times, taking a big chunk out his board, then his legs, and finally biting off both of his arms. Just when Sean thought he was gone, he managed to tear himself free, only to get hit from behind by a second Great White. It’s the first known attack of its kind – anywhere in the world. Unbelievably, Sean’s will to live overpowered his pain, shock and loss of blood. He kicked like crazy until catching the wave of his life, backwards and upside down, to get away from the sharks. But he was still 50 metres from shore, at one of Australia’s most remote beaches, and 700km from the life-saving surgery he needed. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Sean tells Michael Usher his extraordinary story of survival and good luck, and thanks the inspiring locals who helped save him. 


Extended Interview with Sean's Rescuers | "He's the hero… He's the one that saved himself." Click this link to watch. 

Shark Sighting in Esperance | While the 60 Minutes crew was filming an interview in Esperance, a shark was spotted and surfers quickly evacuated the ocean. Click this link to watch. 

Sean's Surfboard Damage | "I'm amazed that this board is still in one piece." Sean shows Michael Usher the damage to his surfboard – a result of the shark attack. Click this link to watch.


Visit Sean's Facebook page to see how you can help to assist in his difficult recovery.

All funds raised will support the following:

  • modifications to the home to allow Sean to regain independence
  • a car with specific modifications to allow him to drive again
  • ongoing appointments 
  • prosthetics - electronic and manual

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