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Stand Up Australia

September 28, 2014

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Stand Up Australia

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Jo Townsend

We do it all day long and you're probably doing it right now. Sitting. It's become as normal as breathing. We now sit down every day for longer than we sleep. And the latest research says sitting is as bad as smoking. It sounds dramatic because it is. Excessive sitting has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. And if you think exercising every day gives you a leave pass – you’re wrong. Even regular gym goers, who then spend the rest of their day sitting down, are just as much at risk. Sitting down is slowly killing all of us. The good news is, there's a simple solution, and it could well save your life.

EXTRA MINUTES: Reporter Michael Usher shares his reaction to this shocking new health warning.

TOP TIPS: Dr. David Dunstan shares his tips to get you moving again.

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