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Extra Minutes

  • Extended Interview | Professor Anne Aly

    Counter-terrorism expert, Professor Anne Aly, believes Oliver Bridgeman has a “sincere intention of carrying out aid” in Syria. She explains that aid and humanitarian workers do often “align themselves with a faction…in order to be able to provide the aid.”

  • Rosemarie & Oliver Zammit | Organ Donation

    “Have that conversation, know what your loved ones want” - Rosemarie and Oliver Zammit talk of the importance of organ donation. Without that conversation, they say Doujon’s death would have been a total “loss of a beautiful human being.”

  • Extended Interview | Jane Andraka

    Jack’s mum Jane says being a teenage genius wasn’t always easy. You have to walk a fine line between “too clever” and “weird.”

  • Jack Andraka’s EUREKA moment!

    Watch the moment Jack knew his life had changed, when he was awarded the $75,000 Gordon E Moore Award at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair.